OUXT Polaris

OUXT Polaris

We are the only student-led team in Japan that participates in the Autopilot Ship Robot Contest held in Hawaii!

We are a student-led robotics team called ‘‘‘OUXT Polaris’'', which was formed for the Maritime Robotx Challenge.

The Maritime RobotX Challenge is one of the most advanced robotics competitions in the world.

The ship during the tournament

Each team develops control equipment, control systems, sensors, and algorithms, which are mounted on a hull called WAM-V, and competes in the competition. The ship must be fully automated and will be tasked with a variety of tasks during the competition.

The next conference will be held from December 12-19, 2020. Would you like to work with us to build the world’s smartest autopilot ship? If you’re interested, please contact us!

The team is always looking for sponsors. For more information, please check our Call for Sponsors page.